202213 Jul

Nokian Tyres meets the challenge with energy efficient and silent EV tire


“The car industry is undergoing a massive transformation, and new electric vehicle models are being introduced at a rapid pace. We are involved in this change and take it into account in our tire development,” says Harri Myllymaa, Head of Product Programs for Nokian Tyres. However, the rate of this change varies between countries, so we are monitoring the developments in demand within our business areas,” says Marko Saari, Head of Product Management for Nokian Tyres. The strong growth of the EV market is part of our everyday work, and we have been taking it into account in tire development and testing for a long time. For example, a tire’s rolling resistance i.e. energy efficiency may need to be at a specific level right now to achieve the highest A rating, but in a few years, the limit will be tighter.

Source: Electronicspecifier