202226 Jun

Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending June 25


The AI software portfolio works across Qualcomm Technologies-powered devices, spanning the wide range of Connected Intelligent Edge products, including mobile, automotive, XR, compute, IoT, and cloud platforms. The latest release enables app developers and IT operations teams to transform trained ML models into agile, portable, production-ready software functions that integrate with their existing application stacks and DevOps workflows. Additionally, Fermyon provides a Functions-as-a-Service API similar to AWS Lambda or Azure Functions to rapidly compose microservices, web apps, scheduled batch jobs, or machine learning triggered by HTTP, Redis pubsub, or time-based events. PythonAnywhere’s added expertise allows Anaconda to support its user community more deeply and ensures Python developers have access to a cloud-based environment with notebooks, tools, and a simple way to collaborate with their team. The Provenir Marketplace provides organizations with a one-stop data hub that makes it easy to access information covering Open Banking, KYC/KYB, fraud, credit risk, verifications, social media, collections, affordability, and more.

Source: Rtinsights