202225 Jun

Axle AI Launches axledit 1.1 at VidCon US 2022 in Anaheim


Anaheim, CA, June 25, 2022 --( PR.com )-- The creator economy is experiencing explosive growth, and industry leader axle ai, Inc. has chosen this week’s VidCon US 2022 conference (booth #1310) as the venue to launch version 1.1 of its revolutionary axledit collaborative editing platform. The system also features one-click publishing of high-res rendered videos to YouTube and Vimeo, without requiring a cumbersome download and upload of media files.Axle’s solutions are uniquely affordable and built for the needs of content creators, from individual editors seeking to review content with clients and collaborators, to larger “media factory” teams.Here’s an overview of the new features in axledit 1.1: • You can now upload entire folders, not just individual files, via drag and drop. Unlike existing cloud services which only allow media to be retrieved from archive in a cumbersome, slow process, axledit 1.1’s Tera feature offers immediate access with no egress fees allowing unlimited, realtime access to HD and 4K footage as well as high resolution images and audio files saved on axledit Tera.Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle ai, said “For years, creative teams have expressed the need for a simplified and cost-efficient way to store, search and edit their content. The company is currently developing a panel for Adobe’s Premiere Pro editor that will allow one-button imports of media and sequences into the Premiere Pro timeline; the beta test program will begin in July and potential beta testers are invited to email info@axle.ai.In addition to its booth #1310 at VidCon, directly across from Blackmagic, axle ai will be demonstrating axledit 1.1 at the TechCrunch Summer Party in Menlo Park, and on a global webinar with its partners Seagate and Archiware on June 30 – signup is at https://www.seagate.com/promos/lyve-cloud-digital-media-repository-webi… and Availability:Axledit 1.1 is available immediately at a starting price of $10 per user per month plus $12 per terabyte per month. VidCon is where the worlds leading digital creators, platform innovators, and their fans converge in one place.Learn more at https://www.vidcon.com.Press & Media Contact:Rachel Fearonaxle ai, Inc.+1 415-225-1926rachel@axle.ai

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