202225 Jun

Top Storage Virtualization Providers | ESF


With Acropolis comes AHV, Nutanix’s native hypervisor, which supports virtual machine (VM) high availability, dynamic scheduling, and disaster recovery (DR). Because the virtual infrastructure decouples the access location from the underlying physical storage, administrators are able to view stored data in one place. It not only has allowed major upgrades to the underlying storage hardware and connectivity without having to do forklift upgrades… it [also] provides all SAN features and more with each new update of their software. It has all the features of any high-end SAN, such as fiber channel, iSCSI, thin provisioning, storage tiering, snapshots, continuous data protection/recovery synchronous and asynchronous mirroring, performance reporting/graphing, true HA design.” –Systems architect/IT engineer, review of DataCore SANsymphony at Gartner Peer Insights “Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure goes beyond making our complex data center invisible to our customers and allowing over teams to only focus on serving users with performance and services that help our business growth. It is a tightly integrated hyper-converged solution that addresses our clients’ most rigorous financial and intelligent analytics operations with its manageable and scalable architecture.

Source: Enterprisestorageforum