202225 Jun

Broadcom Software President Reviewing VMware’s GTM with ‘Open Mind’


Krause’s latest statements appear to assuage customers and partners who fear that Broadcom will run VMware the same way it operates other software companies it acquired. “We are approaching the post-closing planning phase of the transaction process with an open mind, while drawing from the lessons learned from our previous acquisitions of CA and Symantec Enterprise,” Krause noted in company blog. “This means that we’ll be working in close coordination with VMware to learn more about their go-to-market, product portfolio, approach to innovation, engineering talent, partner network and, of course, strong customer footprint.” “VMware is an iconic software company with a vibrant ecosystem, including hyperscalers, system integrators and channel partners,” Krause added. Harish Grama, global cloud practice leader at Kyndryl, told Channel Futures that he understands the fears among partners and customers. We’ll see where it goes, but the signs are good.” Anurag Agrawal, principal analyst of Techaisle, underscored that VMware has been at a crossroads for some time, thanks to the shift of workloads from the data center to the cloud.

Source: Channelfutures