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37 Stats To Show You The Impact of SMS Marketing On Your Business - Exotel


found that receivers feel pressured to respond to text “immediately or within a reasonable amount of time,” which can be as low as 20 minutes. (Source: Nearly half of respondents in a admitted that the ability to send SMSes back to brands is useful and adds weight to finding that “quantity of marketing messages has often trumped the quality.” 25. (Source: TRAI implemented a blockchain-led solution to weed out spam and fraud in March 2020, which resulted in a glitch, becoming a cause of concern about the new system. Janna Land of direct-to-consumer (D2C) food retailer FarmFoods, Inc., said that after texting customers who had stopped engaging with their email marketing, they drove $4,000 of sales in less than 24 hours. Nearly 60% say it has “significantly or overwhelmingly increased revenue generation.” (Source: If you’re still not convinced, see how Exotel has helped organisations across banking and financial services, education, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, and IT transform their business with

Source: Exotel