202224 Jun

Creaform Release Enhanced VXelements 3D Measurement Software Platform –


Creaform has announced, at the dawn of its 20th anniversary, the launch of VXelements 10 – now boasting a new cloud licensing system, new 3D mesh and entity edition functionalities, multiple CAD imports, and compatibility of the MetraSCAN-R 3D scanners with collaborative robots (cobots). It is now easier to maximize software investment by increasing cooperation between team members, making collaborative projects simpler and faster. The upgraded VXscan module unveils improvements to the ‘Merge Scan’ feature providing enhanced computing performance, new target alignment, and the ability to retain the original data. End users can now import and use multiple CAD models in VXinspect for added flexibility. This in turn facilitates working with symmetrical objects and saves time when processing assembly parts.

Source: Metrology