202223 Jun

What is a website accessibility statement and do you need one? (Part 1 of 2)


One that is properly written, following a professional website accessibility audit, will do two extremely important tasks for you and your business. Although the syntax may vary, according to whether you are a public organisation or not, it should list the issues with your website that may make it difficult for disabled people to use. This means that a disabled person may then use your website, confident in how accessible it is and then discovers that it has major problems and you are then in a precarious position. My TEDxTalk on website accessibility went live on the TEDx Channel just over a day ago and has already been watched over 20,000 times! Please follow this link: https://accessibilityaudit.co.uk/ If you are interested in a free initial review of the accessibility of your website, why not book yourself in for a consultation?

Source: Accessbydesign