202222 Jun

Council Post: 16 Obstacles To A Successful Software Project (And How To Avoid Them)


Leaders should identify common core components; enable strong enterprise architects with business, risk and tech acumen; and conduct cross-divisional project reviews. To combat scope creep, be clear on what “done” looks like for the minimum viable product before you start, then ensure that you keep a laser focus on delivering, in short order, something that closely matches that. - Jay Marshall, EyeLock LLC A common problem across all software projects is not understanding and/or not considering the nonfunctional requirements, such as performance, scalability, resiliency, monitoring and quality testing. Getting aligned on the “nice-to-haves” versus the “must-haves” at the project’s inception will ensure that the right tasks are prioritized, the overall budget and timeline can be honored, and no one is unpleasantly surprised in the end. These two teams have to constantly work closely together to make sure that software projects are planned, developed and executed in a way that serves the needs of the product and of the customers.

Source: Forbes