202222 Jun

Groopit Launches Microsoft Teams App to Enable Better, Faster Decision-Making with Real-Time Data from Employees


When leaders need to outsmart competitors, accelerate revenue growth, deliver better products, or solve a myriad of other strategic challenges, they often struggle because they don’t have the right information. Valuable information gets lost in Teams channels and conversation, surveys are slow, and in-person meetings skew input to those with the loudest voices. Groopit brings together insights from employees working across different Teams channels, locations, disciplines, and systems, empowering everyone to make better, faster decisions with real-time data. They are issues like doubling the growth of a business, transforming a culture, offering a world-beating consumer experience, complying with new legislation, or stemming an epidemic.” Solving these problems is hard because the existing technologies aren’t built to gather and share real-time data from the front lines. New enterprise crowdsolving solutions like Groopit, combined with Microsoft Teams, now make it possible for leaders to get the real-time data they need to solve any complex problem, fast.

Source: Prweb