202222 Jun

5 Intranet Examples That Will Inspire You


Fast forward to today and you find all kinds of modern-day intranet solutions that enable two-way communication, keep employees engaged, and dont break the bank. (& Why You Should Be Using One) This multifaceted company provides an array of services and sustainable solutions across multiple industries, including construction, rail, real estate, and more. They also take advantage of Glasscubes ability to segment an intranet into smaller, focused work areas, creating and customising numerous workspaces for each individual restaurant. This chain of nursery schools in the UK focuses on providing quality care and education to young children to foster their wellbeing and development. With Glasscubes, Didac is able to give its workforce a centralised platform to store and manage organisational information across its various functions—human resources, finance, IT, facilities, operations, and health and safety.

Source: Glasscubes