202221 Jun

Corporate and startup collaboration: How Closing the Loop and Vodafone are tackling e-waste


Andreas Laukenmann, Managing Director of Private Customers at Vodafone Germany, explained: “We are declaring war on e-waste and taking our responsibility to close the mobile phone cycle seriously. It means that the collected mobile phones do not end up in landfills, where incineration results in substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic poisoning people and the environment, but instead are professionally recycled. Further, valuable raw materials and rare earths such as gold, silver, copper and cobalt are put back into circulation and do not have to be mined, preventing social and ecological costs. In this way, valuable resources can be reused, income is created in Africa and our customers can get started on making the use of electronics greener.” Looking at the figures, it’s reported that the collection and recycling of mobile phones from developing countries reduces CO2 emissions by more than 1000 g per device. While tackling e-waste isn’t new to the green agenda and the narrative surrounding sustainability, this initiative formed on a basis of collaboration is a positive milestone in terms of actionable processes being put in place.

Source: Eu-startups