202220 Jun

These 20 Low-Code Platforms Will Streamline Your Development Process


Big names like Microsoft and Apple offer their own low-code solutions, and countless companies have been cropping up over the years to claim a piece of this increasingly lucrative pie. Perhaps the most familiar name on this list, Airtable has been at the forefront of the low-code movement for about a decade, allowing users to build complex spreadsheets and workflows with little to no code on the back end. The company was acquired by industrial manufacturing giant Siemens back in 2018, and has been combined with its IoT platform MindSphere to tap into the massive amounts of data smart devices collect and turn them into real-time business value. OutSystems also claims to be the only platform to combine minimal coding with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling users to visually develop entire application portfolios that can integrate with existing systems. With millions of users and a valuation of $4 billion, Webflow has made a name for itself mainly as a no-code development tool, allowing designers to create whatever website they want without having to write a single line of code.

Source: Builtin