202216 Jun

Catch up on meetings in minutes? tl;dv picks up €4.3 million to show how


The round was also joined by Shilling.vc, as well as other European founders and angel investors, including Oscar Pierre, co-founder and CEO of Glovo.The German startup allows meeting participants to record, transcribe and highlight important moments from any live meeting. However, the true macro-trend thats accelerating is asynchronous collaboration at scale.So whats the platform doing differently? tl;dvs play is to surface the important moments from the platforms that teams already use to collaborate and offer integrations with productivity tools such as Slack, Notion and CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive. It also uses the feature of discoverability, fueled by a powerful search engine that allows users to find any spoken word from any meeting.Jaime Novoa at K Fund added: For a long time at K Fund, wed been recording some of our internal meetings so that they could be consumed at a later time by those not able to attend. Its not only about the pure aspect of recording calls, but also about the way it integrates with other productivity tools such as Calendar, Notion, Google Docs, etc so that it becomes an essential part of the way we work

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Jun 16 2022