202216 Jun

Introducing Able


With Able, companies get funded sooner, FIs get improved economics, and everyone gets a much better experience.Today, after nearly two years of development, Im proud to announce that our platform is now available to all commercial lenders. We worked with a wide variety of teams, ranging from corporate banks handling $100M syndicated loans down to lenders issuing $250k to startups.The pervasive customer pain was easy to spot. Feedback from users helps the system learn and refine institution-specific patterns, making it smarter and better every day.This human-in-the-loop architecture allows us to safely bring large amounts of automation to the process with minimal setup time and effort from our customers.The last piece of our puzzle relied on finding a way to minimize deployment times and efforts on our customers. FIs and particularly large banks are some of the most resource-constrained and technologically fragmented organizations in the world.Because of this, we set out to build a platform that would be supremely easy to interconnect with existing systems (both legacy and incumbents) and would work out-of-the-box with little configuration. While the platform remains highly configurable, the end result is that most clients can get up and running quickly with minimal effort, and front-line teams see immediate efficiency gains.Able supports all commercial lenders, all loan types, and the complete credit cycle, ranging from small business loan originations to the servicing of massive institutional real estate portfolios.Ready to see what Able can do for your company?

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Jun 16 2022