202214 Jun

Onymos raises $12M to provide plug-in features for apps –


In addition, they spend approximately four hours a week on bad code, which equates to nearly $85 billion worldwide in opportunity cost lost annually, Stripe estimates.Onymos aims to help developers offload some of the work by providing off-the-shelf features that can be slotted into new and existing apps. The platform offers login, biometrics, chat, data storage, location services and notification modules that include the necessary components including the user interface, underlying logic and server-side functions needed to process data in the cloud (e.g. public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform).The promise of a maintenance-free, fully secure app development future with Onymos is probably too good to be true every platform, no matter how holistic, has bugs after all. Onymos platform abstracts away the complexity of app development by acting as an integration layer for software vendors and allowing customers to build on a single endpoint. When enterprises use Onymos features, they dont have to worry about operating system and API updates, device compatibility, or maintenance.Feature-as-a-service is an old idea, dating back at least several years. Meanwhile, WorkOS provides developers enterprise capabilities like single sign-on and directory sync to apps.Nathan sees expansion particularly in the machine learning space as Onymos path to standing out.We plan to expand our product portfolio into the machine learning space, introduce new end-to-end features, and support more development frameworks, Nathan said.

Source: Techcrunch