202225 May

Recruitment Job Boards: 4 Ways To Upgrade Your Ads


Big players in the job board industry have increased (rumoured to be by as high as 300%), forcing recruiters to reassess and refine the way they rely on these platforms. • The cost of running job boards has increased– In April 2022, we welcomed CV-Library’s Head of Partner Success, James Boshier to the Firefish Crowdcast. For more on this, watch the full Crowdcast episode below: While the above points won’t put money back in your pocket, hopefully they’ve given you a better perspective on exactly why job board costs increased this year. The bottom line is that if your job title is full of jargon or ultra niche it simple wont get searched by candidates very often (and could confuse the algorithm). For example, a flashy marketing title such as Online Brand Influencer might sound good to some clients, but how often do candidates really search for this role - its probably single or double figures at best!

Source: Firefishsoftware