202226 May

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement on Social Media


We’re not saying that corporate and leadership teams should start spending time creating witty videos on TikTok or facetiming with their network, but we are saying that people love seeing your human side. Now, here are only a few of the benefits they will get when they decide to jump on board: • None A better understanding of the industry – they become thought leaders in the field and increase their chances for further career development • None Feeling of appreciation – the company is there for them when they need the support • None Rewards (depending on your budget, of course): an extra day off, a mug or t-shirt with the brand’s logo, gift cards, employee recognition, etc. Before we show you the promised strategy for employee engagement on social media, are you aware of what kind of message and corporate culture image you want to project into the online communities? Not only that, when you use software for social media employee engagement, you can kiss the lack of solid internal communication, the low number of new prospects, and the weak business relationships goodbye. Some other awesome benefits you can get with an employee advocacy platform include: • Helping marketers extend brand reach and awareness without paying for social media posts boosts • Building strong relationships with the right customers by getting your sales team to participate in social selling • Scheduling content with just one click • Segmenting messages for different teams or groups of people And the best part is that you can do all of this from any desktop or mobile device.

Source: Gaggleamp