202226 May

Indigov lands more funding to connect besieged lawmakers and their oft-frustrated constituents –


Republican lawmakers are facing growing anger over the deadliest mass shooting at an American school in nearly a decade yesterday, with many of their constituents expressing frustration over their repeated votes against even modest gun control reforms.Social media cant solve the problem. Its entire raison d\xeatre is giving lawmakers and others a way to communicate with those who voted them into office, as well as provide more assurance to these constituents that their voices are heard and that their emails and tweets and letters are being read by an actual human.How does it work? The company declines to name its customers publicly, though we were pointed to a New York congressmans website that immediately pushes a menu to visitors, asking if theyd like to request a meeting or sign up for a newsletter or help their community, among other options.A second, behind-the scenes piece of Indigovs offering is a workflow management system that receives inbound messages from email, websites, social media, and phone calls to which the company applies exact text-string matching in scouring their content, Kouts says.Kouts who worked briefly at Brigade, a since shuttered civic tech startup cofounded by famed founder Sean Parker claims the tech is more accurate than natural language processing or machine learning, where error rates can range from 2% to 5%, which is just enough to be hugely problematic. Indigov, he insists, is the only platform I have seen that is actually providing a solution to a massive problem facing elected officials and that allows them to spend more time addressing individual needs of constituents.They may need it more than ever after yesterdays school shooting in Texas. Among them: NBA Coach Steve Kerr, whose own father died after being shot decades ago and whose open aggravation with pro-gun senators, during a pre-game interview, quickly went viral.

Source: Techcrunch