202224 May

Introducing the Xero Stripe App in the new Stripe App Marketplace


We all prefer work to be streamlined and simplified, but businesses today use dozens of digital tools and services. Ranging from apps that help address your business and industry pain points to payment providers and accounting software, there are a number of solutions that can help business owners access critical information or improve their workflows. We believe in making life easier for the small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers we support by simplifying everyday financial tasks, saving them precious time. The key benefits of the Xero Stripe App include: Get an overview of your business: Customers will be able to view key Xero dashboard data, giving a 360 view of their business when navigating the Stripe dashboard. By automating the flow of payment data between Stripe and Xero in one central view, you can manage your finances and track bank balances, invoices and bills without switching between systems.

Source: Xero