202224 May

Digital Display Design


Displays are now foldable, transparent, circular, bright, reflective, wide color gamut, high resolution, very small to very large – and while not all of those things at the same time there is enough for creative expression, not just in the content but also in the implementation. They then put a tablet style display in the middle of the dashboard with the models 3 and Y, an interesting minimalist design. The new Mercedes EQ series takes the full design integration approach as visitors to SID’s Display Week will have seen as there was a model on show there. BMW takes a blatant panel on the dashboard approach with a reduction in physical buttons as shown here https://www.bmwusa.com/vehicles/all-electric/ix/sports-activity-vehicle…. More recently LG has been demonstrating the possibilities with roll-up displays, the idea is not so much to design the TV enclosure as to easily hide the screen when not in use.

Source: Digitalview