202224 May

Cribl raises $150M to beat back rival observability tools – TechCrunch


In software development, observability refers to keeping watch over all of an app’s components, from mobile and web clients to backend infrastructure. Given how critical this sort of visibility into a system can be for developers, not to mention a broader organization, it’s unsurprising that tools to help achieve greater observability remain in high demand. Available in private beta with customer sign-ups beginning May 24, Cribl Search can perform queries on data at the edge, in flight (i.e. in actively moving from one location to another), in a centralized repository or within existing toolks like Splunk or Elastic. Data from unbiased (i.e. non-vendor) sources are hard to come by, but in a poll recently published by cloud optimization startup Yotascale, nearly a quarter of companies said that they were considering making changes to their observability practices as infrastructure costs rise. “Observability allows businesses to understand how their systems are performing, the details of specific customer interactions (e.g. when they opened an app, what dropdowns they clicked, if they received an error, etc.

Source: Techcrunch


May 24 2022