202224 May

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet tool that works with live data – TechCrunch


It connects with the databases, CRMs and SaaS tools that you already use so that you can build dashboards and generate reports without having to manually import data. The startup raised a $3.9 million seed round from Tiger Global, Bling Capital, Y Combinator, Speedinvest, FundersClub, Liquid2 and others. “Actiondesk is really a spreadsheet software solution that is quite similar to Excel or Google Sheets,” co-founder and CEO Jonathan Parisot told me. Companies can then add formulas, create charts and start working on these data sets like they would do in Excel or Google Sheets. Essentially, if you currently use Excel to track your company’s performance, Actiondesk lets you generate better reports without having to learn new skills.

Source: Techcrunch