202224 May

The Kaleidoscope Group Partners with Humantelligence to Scale Diversity & Inclusion Efforts with Clients


What sets Humantelligence apart is its ability to leverage emotional intelligence (EQ) data and surface those insights into daily workflows and tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Gmail, Slack, calendar meetings, and more. Paired with Humantelligence’s inclusion platform, The Kaleidoscope Group will guide and equip clients to ensure high performing teams, enhanced solutions and innovation, and improved business results. Our tools are designed to fast-track belonging for new hires, increase emotional intelligence for leaders and employees and build teams based on diversity of thought,” said Marc LaCarrubba, Chief Technology Officer & VP of Customer & Partner Success at Humantelligence. When individuals are seen, heard, and valued, employees become more deeply engaged and performance increases – it’s a win-win for everyone.” The partnership supports Humantelligence’s broader vision to empower people and companies with the data needed to make meaningful improvements across all levels of an organization. With tools designed to generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees, Humantelligence helps you drive productivity across your organization in an easy, scalable way – based on shared understandings.

Source: Prweb