202219 May

phoenixNAP Enables One-Click Kubernetes Deployments in Bare Metal Cloud


phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud Rancher solution was built to help organizations accelerate container adoption and save developers hours of environment setup work. “Through Bare Metal Cloud’s integration with SUSE Rancher, DevOps teams can build a Kubernetes infrastructure with no single point of failure in less than 5 minutes”, said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP. Our latest release further demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving the platform to ensure it meets the needs of automation-driven development.” “By integrating our API-driven dedicated servers with the most popular cloud-agnostic orchestration management tool, we’ve taken “Kubernetes-ready” to a whole new level”, said William Bell, Executive Vice President of Products at phoenixNAP. Today, Bare Metal Cloud is a comprehensive, turnkey solution for anyone looking to either adopt enterprise Kubernetes without climbing its steep learning curve or optimize the performance of existing container deployments.” said Martin Wielomski, Director of Products at phoenixNAP. Providing comprehensive disaster recovery solutions, DDoS-protected global network, hybrid IT deployments with software and hardware-based security, phoenixNAP fully supports its clients’ business continuity planning.

Source: Prweb