202216 May

Matching aspirations with inspiration: Intercom funds UL tech scholarship


Last July, Transact Campus joined other Limerick tech employers such as Dell to develop a cybersecurity apprenticeship scheme in UL to fill the skills gap in that sector. The ISE course aims to change how computer scientists are educated by helping them learn through hands-on experience, building and collaborating with people in the industry through residencies. To get an insight into why it is important to fund EDI initiatives in tech, SiliconRepublic.com spoke to Intercom’s VP of data science and research, Karen Church. “Software engineering as a field is so vital for our collective future, so the opportunity to train and work in this space and drive change in the world should be open to everybody, irrespective of their background. “I’d encourage any curious, talented, ambitious student with an interest in computer science and technology who wants to make a real impact in the world to apply,” Church responded.

Source: Siliconrepublic