The Bad Data challenge

Obtaining quality ISV market intelligence is far from easy. No other market analyst or company data provider covers more than a few thousand ISVs, which is just 2-3% of the market. Decisions on marketing spend, segment attractiveness and resource allocation require good quality data to avoid missed opportunities and lost revenue.

ISVWorld approach

Scale drives accuracy. With our tool covering over 170k ISVs and tracking ~600 data points for each of them, ISVWorld provides the Market Intelligence for informed data driven decisions. Application types, ecosystems (e.g., Open source, SaaS) and tech sectors (e.g., FinTech, EdTech) are some of the industry specific filters that enable our clients’ success.

Recently, a client reported a bounce rate of only 8% for a campaign targeting SaaS CTOs and Architects as a result of their team using ISVWorld as a primary company data source.