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ISVs: outsource payments but don’t own payment risk

Recently we see an increase in troubled ISVs that own payment risk rather than partner on payments. Read this recent article, or this one from 2019 telling you why you shouldn’t own the risk. Your options are listed here, we suggest picking the partnership option - or contact us for more insights.

  Bottomline: ISVs: outsource payments, don’t own payment risk.

BTW, if you haven’t updated your ISVWorld Payment profile to benefit from the payment hype, do so here. Or contact us if you want to learn more.

Corona accelerates AI healthcare innovation

The healthcare software and AI community has reacted to accelerate the fight as much as possible: RADLogics™ enabled their AI-powered CT image analysis solution to detect COVID-19. DataTrak offers free Clinical research data collaboration software for anyone working on Covid. UpToDate from WoltersKluwer is now free. Dassault donates free simulation software.

Expert System, a global AI company headquartered in Italy, has granted biomedical researchers free access to its AI-based Clinical Research Navigator (CRN) software. And a COVID-19 Healthcare Information Portal is now available from EBSCO’s Stack SaaS products.

  Bottomline: check this search for 60 other Health/AI news items related to Corona.

Acquisitions - Infor and Brazil

Infor acquired by Koch qualifies as the deal of the week, representing a trend of large manufacturing investing in software. Linx Retail (Brazil) qualifies as dealmaker of the month, acquiring Neemo delivery software and acquiring Pinpag on the payment side.

Also, noteworthy is HPE investing in it’s cloud infrastructure through Scytale acquisition. In AI, Servicenow acquires Passage, VMWare acquires AI Analytics Vyansa, Moody acquires RDC AI-screening. As always, email us with any thoughts or questions.

Retail Software and Payments .. again ..?

Retail Software continues to feel PaymentTech pressure, so down in Brazil for example, Linx attacks by acquiring PinPag. Bigger Fintech M&A trend in payments show Visa acquiring Plaid Payment Gateway, Aurora investing in Harmony Pay and here in Europe Worldline acquiring Ingenico.

  Bottomline: ISVs, there are revenue opportunities here! If you haven't updated your ISVWorld Payment profile to benefit from the payment hype, do so here. Or contact us if you want to learn more.

ISVs: Distributor Partnerships key to success?

Successful ISVs partner with Distributors:  Avepoint lands 200M$ investment after a TechData partnership, BlueSilverShift's success continues after winning Ingram Cloud Partner award, and Ingram's ISV Competition is ongoing. Obviously it helps that Ingram's Cloud is now Azure MSP certified so it better services ISVs. Or, looking at it differently: see the list of partners Cloudflare selected for it's new release ... everyone!.

  Bottomline: ISVs, start looking at Ingram, TechData, SoftwareOne and others for distribution and growth. Or let us help you.