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Optimal Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

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About Optimal Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

I am a truly creative person, with a passion for educating and helping others. I enjoy helping others develop a better understanding of their health care issues related to dementia, autism or mild brain injuries. I enjoy identifying what the problem(s) are, and the steps needed to improve their situation. During my recovery process we had a son. He was later diagnosed with autism with developmental delays. It was after the diagnosis that my husband and I engulfed ourselves in every piece of literature related to Pervasive Developmental Disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorders). I 'discovered' my passion for teaching others about healthcare needs. My nursing and life experiences have led me to specialize in Dementia Care, Autism, and Mild Brain Injury. Education and Training : BS in Nursing at Prairie View A&M University Certified Dementia Practitioner from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, and Approved Instructor 21 years in the Army Reserves- went from PFC to Staff Sergeant, retired as Captain. Staff development Coordinator Director of Clinical Services for several Home Healthcare Agencies. George D. Williams has over 25 years of business ownership, sales, and marketing experience. He is currently working as a speaker and writer in the areas of employment and housing for autistic adults. George's personal philosophy is hard work and honesty are the cornerstones to success. He actively seeks training opportunities with companies to educate them regarding the advantages of hiring individuals on the autism spectrum. George is the father of an autistic teenager. BS in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University MS in Rehabilitation Counseling at VCU Tutor for children with autism

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