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Open Source Matters

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About Open Source Matters

There are many ways you can support the Joomla! Project by contributing your time, talent and money. The most important support of the community comes from the many ways in which people volunteer in different parts of the Joomla! Project . Whether you help with user support or write code, your contributions make Joomla! possible. Please also help financially support the Joomla! Project. Your support helps by paying expenses involved in developing, protecting and promoting Joomla!. The form below lets you give direct financial support, but your company can also be a sponsor . Why Open Source Matters? Open Source Matters (OSM) is the legal entity was founded to provide financial and legal services for Joomla and to manage the assets of the project. It is a not for profit organization incorporated in the state of New York, USA. We welcome support from anywhere in the world and in any currency. PayPal accepts a number of international currencies. To mail a cheque or money order, please send it to: If you wish to support Joomla via direct bank deposit, please use the Contact us form on the Open Source Matters site for details. NOTE: Open Source Matters is a not-for-profit but not a charity. Support to Open Source Matters is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution in the United States. Please consult with a tax professional for more information about tax treatment of support of the Joomla! Project.

Please note: is the best way to get Joomla! support. Joomla! is a content management system helping both novice users and expert developers to create powerful websites and applications.

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