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Here are a set of tools that will quickly bring you up to speed on training with power. Using the information given here and your copy of TrainingPeaks WKO+ ™, you will be able to effectively train and track your fitness, power and performance throughout the season and beyond. TrainingPeaks WKO+ ™ allows you to train right. This is the information that DIDN'T come with your power meter! Your Power Meter is about to change from being an expensive toy to being a powerful tool! Power Level Calculator (download 24.5 KB) How to Analyze a Power Meter File Multi Ride Quadrant Analysis : now available in WKO+ v3.0 USA Cycling Power Training Chapter (download 452 KB) How to Create the Performance Management Chart (PMC) The Performance Management Chart Explained The Scientific Inspiration for the Performance Manager Aerobic Endurance and Decoupling Power Training doesn't have to be hard on the brain cells. It is actually just working smarter, to work harder. TrainingPeaks WKO+ co-founder, Hunter Allen, has put together this work on how to train with power . Use the information you find here to help you understand what TrainingPeaks WKO+ is telling you. From there, figure out your Power Profile and you are ready to train effectively using power. Power Guru, Andy Coggan, Ph.D. has come up with a remarkable system of Power Profiling. Using his syntax you can get your profile and see where your power/weight ratio puts you against the competition. Cycling Peaks Software will help you develop your profile and train your weaknesses. You have done your testing, calculated your Power Profile, now you need a good training program. What workout should you do? How hard should you go? How long should you do it for? We like to break it down into these Power Levels. These will be the basis of planning your program to maximize your training time. Now that you understand your training levels, Here is a quick little excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate your Power Levels for your training program. This application was designed by Andy Coggan, Ph.D. Now that you are training with power, you have your Power Levels all dialed in, how can you tell if you are doing it all right? TrainingPeaks WKO+ provides you with state the art measuring tools to track your fitness and power. By using the Intensity Factor, Training Stress Score and Normalized Power, you can really tell what is going on! Click here to find out exactly what an IF, a TSS and Normalized Power really are. Quadrant Analysis provides another level of analysis for your power-meter data. Also, learn about exactly what Quadrant Analysis is and how you can put it to work. Special thanks to James Huntington and Andy Coggan. When will you peak? Is your training load high enough? Should you start tapering now for that big event? Scientifically designed, the Performance Management Chart(PMC) is a revolution in modeling and predicting peak performance. With PMC, you'll better understand what it takes to be 'on form', and how to stay there. Learn how to balance your training load like never before. If you are ready for the next level, then this is your chart. Learn more here.

Free online and mobile training software for athletes and coaches. Find a coach, choose a training plan, track workouts and analyze fitness in one complete solution.

It was the late-90's and thanks to his popular Training Bible book series, Joe Friel's coaching business was growing rapidly. But in the dawning age of the Internet, he noted that coaches and athletes still relied on inefficient hand-made logs, e-mail and fax machines. Around the same time Joe’s son Dirk, a former pro cyclist and coach himself, got together with his best friend Gear Fisher, an engineer and cyclist as well. Over beers, Dirk echoed Joe’s frustrations. Gear confidently said that he could create a web-based training log that would enable Joe and Dirk to deliver their coaching methodology efficiently to athletes anywhere. Within a year, the world’s first online training log allowing coaches to work with an unlimited number of athletes was released. The company evolved to include WKO+ desktop software, designed by a team that included Hunter Allen and Dr. Andy Coggan, authors of Training and Racing with a Power Meter. Over time, TrainingPeaks became a neutral platform allowing any coach to deliver their own methodology, or any athlete to train intelligently and effectively according to a plan of their choice.

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