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Occulus Sales Inc.

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About Occulus Sales Inc.

Welcome to Occulus - a Tool for the Sales Person! We are a group of direct sales, sales training and sales process consulting professionals who have been selling for many years. Our experiences range from selling large multi-million dollar computer systems, through industrial products to consulting and services. We developed Occulus and founded this company because we believed there was a need for a tool to help the average sales professional close a deal; not manage their data or create fancy forecasts, but to help them close a specific piece of business. We all have front line sales backgrounds, and have all experienced the frustrations of working with Contact Management Systems and CRMs, whether 'home-grown' or purchased. Certainly those tools help organize information and are beneficial to management but our experience is that they are of little or no help to us in closing a deal. As one of our users said, 'At the end of the quarter I need something that will help me close business, not organize my data. Occulus is that something.' In addition to our personal knowledge and experiences, Occulus incorporates the combined knowledge of hundreds of other experienced sales professionals gathered by us, over many years, from our activities as sales trainers and sales process consultants. This, combined with proprietary algorithms that can understand and replicate this knowledge allows you to apply Occulus to your specific sales situation. The difference between Occulus and others sales tools available is very simple, Occulus focuses on the sales opportunity and what you need to do to close it. Occulus deals in the present and provides you with an assessment of where you are today with a deal, how well it's qualified, and advice and guidance to close it; or if you aren't going to win to move on to something more promising. With Occulus you have access to the experience and guidance of seasoned sales professionals that will coach you through your sales campaign. We believe that what matters to people selling, is getting the deal closed. Occulus! The Sales Closer

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