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NorthStar Utilities Solutions

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About NorthStar Utilities Solutions

Our senior team develops and executes North Star's business model to provide market-leading customer-focused, enterprise solutions for utility clients across North America and the Caribbean. Each of the team's members has played an integral role in developing our business offerings-our products, professional services and customer-support methodologies-and each one is profoundly committed to positioning North Star for long-term success. Normand has 15 years of leadership and management experience in the enterprise-technology industry, and brings a proven track record of boosting revenue, growing profits and propelling business growth to North Star Utilities Solutions. Results driven and dynamic, he is focused on the marketing, sales and delivery of critical systems, services and strategies. Prior to joining North Star, Normand served in a variety of executive-level roles for technology firms such as Capital Technology Partners, MTS Allstream and xwave solutions. A former manager with Decatur Utilities-one of North Star's customers-Ken brings a wealth of utility-sector experience to North Star's senior team. Ken specializes in business-process analysis, utility process analysis and work efficiencies. He holds a BA in communications from Cason Newman College and an MA in communications and organization behavior from Louisiana State University. Prior to joining Harris, Serge served in a variety of executive-level roles for technology firms such as Cactus Commerce, MTS Allstream and AMS Management Systems Canada (now CGI). Serge holds an MBA and a B.Com in Management Information System (MIS) from the University of Ottawa, as well as a PMP designation

NorthStar helps utilities achieve customer service excellence through modern technologies. We provide a comprehensive suite of industry specific solutions including customer information and billing, consumer engagement, mobile workforce manage...

NorthStar CIS represents over 30 years of design and programming innovation in the regulated and deregulated Utility Billing/CIS marketplace. Intended for small to large-size municipal utilities, NorthStar CIS runs on Oracle, SQL Server and Informix database platforms. The thoughtfully-designed user interface enables quick account setup, efficient import of interval/non-interval reads from hand-held, wand and radio devices, generation of accurate bills, and robust cashiering functions.

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