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About New Dawn

JustWare's context-sensitive reporting functionalities make it one of the most flexible and powerful solutions on the market. JustWare seamlessly merges reporting and case management software for your court. With JustWare you can use built-in reports, view reports on your screens, create ad hoc and custom reports, use your reports to get grants, email key reports, and grant or restrict access to reports. JustWare includes commonly requested reports by tribal courts. Each of those reports is the equivalent of literally hundreds of reports due to their configurability, which enables you to select or partition key data. All JustWare data entry screens and dashboards can include court-defined data, audit and management reports, and other relevant reports. All JustWare reports hyperlink to the names and cases referenced within them. They also provide clickable and drilldown charting and reporting. JustWare's powerful design provides customized case and name summaries incorporated into each of your user types' data entry ('dashboard') screens. Judges, data entry personnel, and other staff members can all have different case and name summaries incorporated into their JustWare dashboards. Any JustWare report can be placed on a main dashboard or another data view. Your court decides how dashboards and screens should look. JustWare provides an ad-hoc reporting tool that allows users to easily create reports. Your authorized users will be amazed at how quickly they can create charts, graphs, and drilldown reports. You can also use New Dawn's business intelligence staff to create additional custom reports. Many courts take advantage of state, local, or federal grant mechanisms to fund additional expenses for staff, equipment, or software. JustWare allows grant writing staff and administrators to track required information for future or existing grants. It also provides the statistical reports required for state, local, or federal funding entities. With JustWare, you can have reports automatically emailed to a group or individual. Individuals can subscribe to key reports, such as caseload reports, monthly and quarterly reports, calendar reports, and more. Reports can be contained within the email body or attached as a separate document (exportable to Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text Format, XML, CSV comma delimited, TIFF, web archive, etc.). This functionality is a great solution for elected officials, administrators, or even external stakeholders, such as your law enforcement or judicial staff, who need regular key reports and updates at critical times. Your administrator controls what reports and reporting tools can be viewed or used by different users or user types.

We have been providing case management systems to government agencies for more than 25 years and serve over 500 courts and justice agencies in 41 states and internationally.

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