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Elaine Gordon explains how myrevisionplan came about and why teachers and students alike are finding it such a fantastic online resource. 'It was natural for me, as a mother, to want to help my son plan his exam revision. Whilst my son s school provided help with revision techniques, and they encouraged students to plan their revision, I was surprised that this basically consisted of simple paper-based timetables for James to fill in. Given that he had eleven exams in all, he ended up with several different timetables and was unable to manage his time for each subject effectively - as well as do all the things a sixteen year old does in their leisure time. Again, naturally, I found myself discussing the issue with other parents and friends with children going through exams and discovered similar concerns. I then started to research the issue and came up with the idea of an electronic, personalised revision planning tool. Along with a friend, we came up with a basic spreadsheet which helped our children with their revision. However, I couldn t help but explore the idea further as there seemed such an obvious need and, whilst I m by no means a technical person, I was convinced that in the age of the internet there must be a clever solution. Along with some like-minded parents, who have invested their own money and time, the idea matured into . Our developers ran a series of focus groups with students, teachers and parents to really understand what they wanted from the site and how it should work. The user groups then tested beta versions which were refined before an extensive trial last year in which over 100 schools and 2000 students took part. Having gained their feedback and further enhanced the site, we are now launching it nationwide for next year s exams. The simplicity of set-up makes it a huge hit with students, minimizes the risk of exam entry mistakes and reduces the schools admin time as it takes less than five minutes to load in all their students exams. The site itself is extremely user-friendly and there s loads of fantastic features such as drag and drop controls, a quick start wizard - which helps users populate their plan factoring in their strengths and availability - and a time balance function to monitor progress. I really believe that all teachers and responsible parents will be interested in anything that helps students to revise effectively and to improve exam results. We ve put in a lot of effort over the last two years to make myrevisionplan really user-friendly and functionally rich. Finally, we have made interaction as simple as possible by creating an automated link for the schools.'

REVISION PLAN, BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER - Creates automated personalised task oriented Revision Plan timetables for: Students FREE, Schools, or any Educational Organisation

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