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History of Fermat International Fermat International, Now Part Of Moody's Analytics Enterprise Risk Solutions Moody's Analytics acquired Fermat International, a leading provider of integrated risk and performance management software in 2008. Fermat, and its extensive enterprise risk management solutions, was a strong complement to the Moody s Analytics core offering. The acquisition has since further positioned Moody's Analytics as a global leader in risk and performance management software for commercial banks and other global financial institutions. Integrated Risk and Performance Management Software The Fermat product suite - now part of Moody's Analytics Enterprise Risk Solutions - has been designed by financial engineers and software developers, combining extensive academic and professional knowledge in finance, mathematics and information technology. The Fermat software, since acquisition by Moody's Analytics has been extended and integrated with other products in Moody's Analytics Enterprise Risk Solution suite. With a modular approach to enterprise risk management, Moody's Analytics customers can progressively build an integrated and comprehensive enterprise-wide risk and performance management system: Each functional module taps into the relevant area from the financial DataMart . This modular approach has the advantage of limiting the integration process to current functional needs. The software extension builds on previously implemented interfaces. The products readily complement existing information systems and consolidate business lines, such as capital markets, corporate banking, commercial & residential mortgages, project financing, retail and private banking. The software suite is based on an enterprise-wide ' Financial Data Warehouse ,' which provides the cornerstone of the Fermat modular product line. Each of the Fermat and Moody's Analytics software packages have been designed to meet a specific perimeter of a financial institution s requirements and all run within a common architecture. Financial institutions can benefit from a global, truly coherent and comprehensive solution. The software suite is built on an 3-tier architecture and is a perfect fit for a single installation at a local bank. This installation enables users to share a work environment benefiting from the same operational data and parameterization sets. Users can independently launch different calculations at different reporting dates using different sets of data, perform simulations and enrich their own parameterization sets. By combining Fermat's highly regarded regulatory and risk management products with Moody's Analytics existing offering, we can now offer comprehensive end-to-end risk management solutions for a wide range of financial institutions, from local organizations to large head offices of multinational institutions. Find out more about our Enterprise Risk Solutions .

Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools supporting our clients’ growth, efficiency and risk management objectives.

Fermat CAD is a system that helps banks comply with both Basel Accords and provides the basis for Economic Capital assessment. It is a mature and comprehensive solution offering an immediate response to the requirements of the Basel Committee, the European Capital Requirements Directive and to national banking supervisors' interpretations of the supra-national texts. With Fermat CAD, banks can achieve Basel compliance and maintain flexibility to adapt to the evolution of local regulations.

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