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About Mobile {Dev}Sync

Lucid operates as an extension of your internal marketing and PR teams and as a full-service consulting company when needed. We are adept at delivering marketing programs that sell products, influence the market & drive consumer and industry awareness. Plus, we have fun doing it. Our forte is building programs you can afford, you can execute on immediately, and that position companies and CEO's as industry thought leaders. We have expertise working with major brands - from Bluetooth to Motorola. But we live for growing new brands and putting startup companies on the map. Who We Are What We Do Our Work Mobile Sync Contact Sheena has a powerful combination of wireless and web expertise, consumer marketing, and is a self-proclaimed Gadget Geek. She has lived and worked in China, India and all throughout the US. Sheena s forte is marketing, public relations and strategic messaging to build brands and define companies as thought leaders. Sheena managed the Bluetooth global Web site - crafting content plans and directing content creation, engineering a site redesign, introducing Bluetooth TV, developing the blog strategy and overseeing traffic metrics and search engine optimization (SEO). She also chaired the Bluetooth marketing/evangelization committee to promote the technology to consumers with programs co-sponsored by companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, Alaska Airlines and Fox Home Entertainment. Sheena's wide-range of high-tech experience extends to working with Fidelity Information Services to build outsourced customized financial services software. She has worked with cutting edge technology through private equity firms and their portfolio companies such as Imageware, Virage, Campfire and Satellite Intermodal. She also has done pro bono work with organizations such as the United Nations - helping to create Web sites for each member nation - the Conference Board and Chicago Counsel of Foreign Relations. schandok@thelucidway .com Kevin has 20 years of unique experience in marketing, communications and public relations. He was a Pulitzer Prize nominee, has interviewed President Gerald Ford and was Global Marketing Director for Bluetooth, one of the fastest growing technology brands ever. While at Bluetooth he oversaw global marketing strategy and execution and worked on sponsorships and co-marketing efforts with major companies including Ford, Samsung, T-Mobile, Plantronics, Nokia, Fox Home Entertainment and Alaska Airlines. Through strategic marketing efforts he helped position several startup companies as industry thought leaders in the wireless space. He fostered one startup's acquisition by Motorola and served as a technology communications manager at Motorola to craft and evangelize software strategy for Moto's mobile devices business unit. During his career, Kevin also worked with global mobile operators on mobile content delivery, device management and digital rights management. Along with being a Pulitzer Prize finalist during his journalism career he also broke several national stories and received the Seattle Times Blethen writing award.

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