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Mindful Software

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About Mindful Software

User Interface Development Mindful Software s expertise in User Interface Architecture & Development brings effective UI designs to life and ensures they can deliver for even the most demanding users. Mindful Software has the experience in Web-Oriented and Service-Oriented Architectures to make the whole of your existing assets more valuable than the sum of the parts. Mindful Software can tailor your software practices and systems to keep your teams collaborating in an optimal flow. Mindful Software s mission is to create software that aids your business in meeting its strategic goals. We rely on top-shelf talent that knows how to deliver beyond expectations. For project-based work, we use an agile shared-risk model to align work with business priorities and foster a cooperative relationship. Our clients interested in staff augmentation consistently come back for more because they know they get quality and value from Mindful Software. UI Development Mindful Software specializes in User Interface Architecture and Development. Our decades of UI development experience has honed our ability to properly customize a delivery to acheive an optimally effective tool for your users. Our UI architectures are so robust that they are reused when new RIAs and delivery mechanisms, such as mobile, rise in importance. We excel at using simple development models that reduce maintainence costs and are nimble in the face of change. Software development practices are continually improving at a rapid pace. Is your team s environment the best it can be? Mindful Software has helped software development teams improve their processes to deliver value consistently. We can show you how to leverage tools that improve visibility, traceability and productivity while staying out of your way. Mindful Software has a strong committement to Open Source Software. We regularly rely on Open Source offerings in our development because of the Open Source community and ecosystems bring tremendous value to the table. Mindful Software gives back to the community as well. The popular EventBus is Mindful Software s main contribution to the Open Source community. It is a tool that enables the development of UI architectures that are loosely-coupled - leading to reuse, maintainability and flexibility. Mindful Software has contributed code to other open source projects, including SAM , SwingFX , and JUnit , and regularly contributes to mailing lists and bug databases to many other projects. Find out how Mindful Software can help your organization. 2010 Copyright Mindful Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

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