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About MetaCommunications

MetaCommunications develops workflow and collaborative productivity solutions that help marketing, creative design, packaging and prepress workgroups around the world be more productive. With over 1000 customer sites worldwide, we have the solid experience and range of solutions to quickly help your organization take its productivity to the next level through improved processes, workflows, and communications. MetaCommunications' flagship product line is the Workgroups 2011 suite: the first completely cross-platform and cross-industry collaborative workflow and productivity solution applicable to virtually any workflow. View our products. Professional Services Engineer MetaCommunications, Iowa City, is seeking an experienced software engineer to provide development, management, and coordination of professional services projects and resources. Software Technical Writer MetaCommunications is expanding its technical writing staff and is looking for exceptional individuals to join its team at its Iowa City, IA headquarters. Visit our Press Tools area to get the latest product screen shots, logos, and other tools. Download the latest images for the media. MetaCommunications Releases Approval Manager 2012 MetaCommunications Announces Release of New Learning Center Approval Manager 2011 Stands Above Others in Latest IT Enquirer Report

MetaCommunications makes award-winning productivity solutions for the world's best creative and marketing teams. From agencies to global brands, our customers rely on our flagship product, Workgroups DaVinci, to execute more effective, efficient and re...

Founded in Iowa City, MetaCommunications began life as a graphics and prepress business in 1991. In 1997, after successfully developing its own software for in-house use, the company made the decision to pivot and dedicate its full efforts to commercial software development for creative and marketing teams. In 2007, Meta launched the first edition of what has become its flagship product, Workgroups DaVinci. 2011 saw an employee-led buyout and a deeper focus on core products and an ever-growing client base. As of 2015, Meta is enjoying an impressive 47% year-over-year growth rate and has successfully raised a multi-million-dollar Series A round of funding. For more information, visit

The leading project management solution for ad agencies. Manage and monitor the creative production process from start to finish with our project request portal, workflow scheduling templates, advanced workflow routing capabilities, role-based dashboards, online proofing and approval management, digital asset management, financial tracking, and robust reporting. The customizable platform provides a seamlessly branded experience for your clients.

The only process automation, process management, and project management solution for collaborative workgroups in the marketing, creative, advertising, publishing, prepress, and print environments. Workgroups is a tightly integrated suite comprised of four mix-and-match modules that provide robust production accounting, invoicing and costing, ticketing, business process management, scheduling, production digital asset management, secure web portal and cross-platform desktop clients, and more.

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