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Meritech Co., Ltd.

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About Meritech Co., Ltd.

Meritech is a leading company for Mobile Network Monitoring and Performance Optimization solutions offering several innovative products that monitor and optimize LTE, WCDMA, HSPA, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi network performance. Meritech also provides a real-time mobile telemetry system that can collect necessary data from mobile phones in motion and upload the same to its central server in almost real time. While conventional solutions in this category collect only the passive data for future analysis, Meritech's solutions are capable of finding problems of the network in real-time on the mobile device itself while in motion. Meritech is focused on providing exceptional products that fit the needs of mobile wireless industry. To insure that its products are easy to use and effective, Meritech backs its products with a team of highly dedicated software professionals and RF engineers. Leveraging wireless expertise and software development capabilities, Meritech engineers work very closely with leading network operators and vendors in Japan to customize products to meet new industry standards. Meritech is a privately held corporation in Japan with a fully-owned subsidiary in India. Meritech Software Pvt., Ltd., India Meritech started operations in 2003 driven by advancing 3G wireless technology. In the last one decade we have seen that mobile network technologies are getting advanced at a very rapid rate. To meet growing demands of customers for data consumption (thanks to smart phones), network operators and vendors have to work very hard to improve the network performance by solving complex network problems. We all at Meritech work with utmost passion to make our products simple to use yet intuitive so that our customers can solve complex network problems easily. Our vision is to make our customers efficient by giving them the tools which troubleshoot complex network problems and help them resolve those quickly and efficiently .

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