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Macro 4

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About Macro 4

Understanding what we do. Macro 4 is the software specialist that enables performance improvement of critical business applications by making the complex simple. We believe that, unlike so many traditional approaches that only add further layers of complexity, our world-class, application-centric solutions deliver clear business improvement and enable users to realise true competitive advantage. Delivering solutions to meet these challenging needs is exactly what Macro 4 does for a host of satisfied customers. They know that by adopting our approach of reducing complexity to deliver performance improvement, they get more. Simply. We are dedicated on several levels. Firstly, we are dedicated to our customers. We are receptive to their needs and understanding of the challenges they face. We strive to deliver outstanding solutions either autonomously or in partnership with our customers. Secondly, we are dedicated to our success as an organisation. Our staff and management are all committed to successful growth and development through the fulfilment of our customers' needs. And finally, our dedication throughout the business is demonstrated by ongoing improvements to our technology, our service levels and our investment in the success and fulfilment of our staff. Macro 4 firmly believes that nothing ever stays the same. If things are to improve, they must change. And one of the central tenets of our approach is to constantly search out the most effective ways of evolving both our products and our service in order that our customers themselves can evolve their own businesses. Improving performance is fundamental to our philosophy and we believe that only by constantly evolving will we be able to improve our business and enable our customers to do the same for theirs. We are dependable in two important ways. Firstly Macro 4 products themselves can be relied upon to enable performance improvement - they combine practical innovation with reliability and consistency and are developed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. Secondly, the human face of Macro 4 is dependable - the visiting salesperson and the customer service desk are reliable, honest and committed to ensuring the best outcome for a customer. By whatever means a customer comes into contact with Macro 4, we will do our utmost to guarantee that they get exactly what they need - every time. Why make things any more complex or difficult than they need to be? Underlying our commitment to improvement and evolution is an almost fanatical dedication to reducing the complexity that pervades the IT industry. Sure, we understand that much of what we do - and help our customers to do - is often technically challenging, but throughout all our work, we aim to keep things as simple as possible. A calm, pragmatic approach to problem-solving and performance improvement provides the basis upon which we deliver value to the organizations who choose to work with us. For critical business applications, Macro 4 is the software specialist that enables performance improvement by making the complex simple. Macro 4 is a global software company that helps organizations to improve the performance of their critical business applications by making the complex simple.

Macro 4 is a global software and services company. Learn how we can help you improve the performance of your business processes and applications.

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