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LeveragePoint Innovations Inc.

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About LeveragePoint Innovations Inc.

win more sales profitably by negotiating on value create more economically viable products for customers retain customer loyalty in the face of aggressive competition The LeveragePoint for Value Management solution consists of powerful tools that integrate product, customer and competitive data to produce compelling and quantified value propositions. Unlike conventional value propositions, these are based on the tangible, economic impact on specific customers. Our solution is an enterprise platform by which marketing, product development, pricing and sales teams can rapidly collaborate to implement a consistent value-based strategy. LeveragePoint adds an essential dimension to other enterprise-wide solutions such as price management software, salesforce automation, and strategic pricing consulting. Our key difference: whereas others identify the value opportunities, LeveragePoint provides the means to execute on them in the field. The team behind LeveragePoint comes from Monitor Group, a leading strategy consulting firm based in Cambridge MA with close ties to Harvard Business School. LeveragePoint was spun out of Monitor in January 2009 to bring its online marketing strategy tools and the platform they are built on to a larger market. The team at LeveragePoint combines people with backgrounds in marketing and strategy consulting, learning, publishing, knowledge management and community and collaboration software. This combination of knowledge is needed to create solutions that will impact business results. LeveragePoint's encodes its values into its software and uses them to make key business decisions. Learning - we are committed to continuous learning and build software that both helps its users to learn and that learns as people use it. Diversity - our team has diverse communication, emotional, learning and cognitive styles. We celebrate this and try to design software that will also support many different ways of being and working. Transparency - we share information with each other and with our customers wherever possible. It is one of the ways that we add value. We understand that transparency must be supported by heightened security and accountability. Accountability - we take full responsibility for our software and for helping our customers get value from it. Our software also helps people to understand who is responsible for each part of value management.

Value Propositions provide key reasons why customers should buy, and quantified estimates of that worth, giving sales confidence to negotiate win-win deals.

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