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Lateral Visions Software Ltd.

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About Lateral Visions Software Ltd.

Initially, our ability to make 3D Websites for clients. Then, licenses for other developers to use premium features on their websites. Later still, support, tools and potentially advertising. Lateral Visions 3D Web is not a virtual world. Seeing your own avatar is unnecessary, and often undesirable; for example, when viewing an online art gallery, you do not want your avatar standing in front of the paintings obscuring your view. We will be adding support for avatars, and it will be up to individual 3D websites to decide whether they want or need to support them. For example, it will be possible to build a virtual world just like those currently available, but instead of a standalone island universe , it will be a 3D website accessed by Url and able to connect to other Web content. First, its worth noting that for some users, rich 3D content will likely be more accessible than traditional Web pages (for example, those with learning disabilities will likely find a rich, visual presentation more accessible than a text-based one). Users with physical disabilities will be able to virtually visit locations that they would be unable to access physically. Some of the remaining accessibility work will fall to website developers; for example in providing subtitles with text versions of audio content. In addition, we do also expect to provide some platform-level support for technologies like xml-feeds for screen readers. We take security very seriously and have worked to ensure the software is secure for users, and not open to attack from malicious third parties. The software itself is not (yet) open source, but the way the software works with existing Web protocols is exactly like the existing Web, and very open. VRML and X3D are attempts to define a 3D media format to allow 3D content to be embedded in a Web page. They do not support any of the unique Web integration features of Lateral Visions Technology such as an embedded 2D browser or World Portals. Canvas3D (and also Google s O3D) is an attempt to do something a bit more Web-like and flexible, but it is likely to take five to ten years to come to fruition, and still does not have the unique features of Lateral Visions technology. Simply host the files on the server. You may need to enable some custom MIME types depending on the content in your 3D website: typically, you will just need to enable .lua script files as: application/x-lua If you have used free functionality in the Basic Package, that is all you will need to do. However, if you have used premium functionality, you will also need to obtain a valid license file from Lateral Visions for your 3D website.

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