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eSOMA Transport Management Software :- Consignment Booking, Billing, Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel, Tyre History, Financial Accounting etc. Now @ Monthly Charges!! KVS SYSTEMS (P) Ltd is a Chennai based software company promoted by a Transport Company with experience of about half a century in the Transportation industry. This has given us an advantage in having in depth analysis into the working of a transport company. Thereby, we are able to give solutions in line with the fleet owner's requirement. KVS Systems - Key Functions & Activities Integrated Product Development For Transport Industry. Product â Sales & Support Product â Enhancement & Upgrades Customization â i.e., Tailoring the Product to suite Customers. BPO Service â i.e, Providing Products Along With Trained Data Entry GPS/GSM Based GPRS Solution â Real Time Tracking Of Vehicles 'SOMA CFMS has been the solution, that we have been looking for. It just fits into the organization without much effort. We have implemented the system in all our branches (seven branches through out India). Now, the improvement in the organizational efficiency is really substantial.' With superior efficiency that gives you the power to maximize profits and the muscle to make better decisions more quickly As fuel constitute a majority of the running expenses on a vehicle, SOMA provides an in depth analysis of fuel efficiency By Determining the cost of maintenance at different level and assuring the quality, SOMA will help you to maintain your assets in peak operating condition. Because tyre monitoring and maintenance are critical to your business, SOMA contains a detailed tyre tracking option such as tyre repairs, inventory & mileage While other transportation software products simply automate operations processes and require significant changes to the way you perform your business, SOMA adapts to your business rules, allowing you to run your business with improved efficiency and the capability to maximize profits How affordable it is for people doing business with small number of fleets? There is an Option for them by which can pay for Monthly Subscriptions.

Preventative maintenance scheduling system, that assists in planning the servicing of transport fleets.

Preventative maintenance scheduling system, that assists in planning the servicing of transport fleets.

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